Free App of the Week (Apple) - Busy Shapes

Apple are offering 'Busy Shapes' by Edomite Academy as their Free App of the week. 'Busy Shapes' is a simple shape sorting games where you drag shapes to holes to progress to the next level, ideally suited for young children.
I never read up on the free apps so, upon trying 'Busy Shapes' for the first time, I found the game to be quite simple and the graphics felt very basic, however as the game progresses new obstacles are presented some of which take some working out to resolve - things like fixed / moveable barriers, shapes hidden away and having to change the shape / colour before they will be accepted. There is a parent area to let you set up accounts for children, a feedback section and even a walk through which is accessed through an icon in the top left hand corner and answering a quick multiplication question.
I've had 'Busy Shapes' on my iPhone for a couple of days now and I have found myself playing on it quite a bit, it's helped pass the time on my train to and from work. It's fun, but not very difficult so I'm not sure how long it will stay on my phone longer term. We have also tried our 21 month old son on the game and after some general swiping he found that the shapes would go where he pointed them and drop through the appropriate sized holes. After a few minutes of play he was distraught that we told him that he couldn't play on as it was time for bed. This was definitely a winner with him.
'Busy Shapes' by Edoki Academy - 4/5

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