Five Favourite Friday... School Subjects

It's my turn to select our Five Favourite Friday topic, and I picked School Subjects.  My time in school was probably the time I enjoyed most on this planet so far, I knew lots of people that I got on well with, holidays were longer and the days were shorter! I don't think there were any subjects that I didn't enjoy (perhaps PE), but some were more memorable than others.
1) Maths - Probably the subject I enjoyed most at school, mainly because Maths seemed natural and it made sense to me. I feel very fortunate that I understood a subject with such ease.  It's a subject that has helped me in my career because I've been able to utilise some of the skills that I developed through the lessons. One regret I might of had is not being able to carry on with my education in Maths with the same passion once I left school.

2) Design Technology (DT) - I think I enjoyed DT as it was a productive subject, at the end of a project, you would have something to show for your efforts and something to take home.  Some of my favourite things that I made included a plastic Formula 1 key fob, a wooden wave machine and a statue of Wallace (of Aardman fame) collecting an Academy Award.

3) Food Technology - A bit like DT, I enjoyed Food technology as it was a subject where I would take home something from the lesson and usually it meant I had cooked tea.  two memories stand out for me, making a chicken pie with a potato lid and another pupil cooking a pre-made pizza on too high a heat for too long and leaving the plastic tray underneath it.

4) Media Studies - Other than Maths, Media Studies has probably had the biggest influence on how I look at life.  Media Studies taught me various techniques that are used in the production of films and it's something I still take pleasure in.  The lessons also opened me up to a range of films that I wouldn't have considered watching before

5) History - Perhaps not because of the subject matter, but I really enjoyed my History lessons at secondary school because of the teacher.  He would regularly go off topic, telling us about personal stories from his past, but this made the lessons memorable.  His son was also in the same class as me, and we found it amusing when cringe worthy stories came up, as we knew his son would be embarrassed.  When studying WW2, we watched the last episode of Blackadder Goes Fourth which has stayed with me, so he definitely left a mark with me.

There we go, that's my five favourite school subjects.  As I said at the start, any number could have been included, but these are the ones that I remember most fondly.  As always you can see what my partner, Nikki, has chosen for her favourites on her blog. She has picked Alcohol for next weeks topic, which will be fun!

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