Five Favourite Friday... Participation Sports

It's that time of the week again when we reveal our Five Favourite things on a particular topic, this week I've chosen 'Participation Sports'. These are my favourite sports to take part in, some of them are based on the ease of which it is to play them and others are the ones I really enjoy playing. On with my favourite participation sports:

1) Football / Soccer - You'll probably have picked up from my blog that I really enjoy my five-a-side that I play each Monday, it's also an easy sport to play as the only equipment you need is a ball, the goals can be made up of things near at hand, I'm thinking of the jumpers-for-goalposts type of matches we'd play at school. What I like about football (we're not American here) is that there are a number of variations that can be played whatever the environment, it doesn't have to be 11 a side in a stadium, and a kick about with friends is as entertaining as a competitive match. I'll add at this point that I know I'm not a runner, so I see my self as a playmaker when I'm playing as I like looking for a pass to give others opportunities to score - I'd much rather see a 'beautiful' goal scored than an easy on.

2) Volleyball - I really enjoyed playing volleyball at school, even if I wasn't great at it. It is one of those sports that I could use my size to my advantage and I enjoy trying to work out if I could let the ball sail out of the court. Looking back I would have liked to have learnt a bit more about the technical side of the sport and played the game for a bit longer.

3) Badminton - Another sport that I played in school and I was able to benefit from having a larger frame. For similar reasons to volleyball, I took enjoyment from trying to work out if I could leave a shot and let it go out.
4) Off-Road Cycling - Although I've not competed against anybody, I really enjoy cycling off road, and especially going downhill where gravity is on my side. Probably my favourite element is trying to read the route ahead, whilst avoiding hazards that become apparent.

5) Skiing - Its been a long time since I last went skiing, but it's definitely up there with my favourite sports. Perhaps this will come across as aloof, but I'd recommend sticking to skiing on the piste, rather than dry slopes. We had some taster sessions on the dry-slopes near where I live, and I'll never forget the pain I felt as the slope tearing at any exposed flesh when I fell and real snow is much softer to cushion any falls. The worst thing for me about skiing is the fact you need expensive equipment and invariably you'll need an appropriate slope to go down.

So there they are, my favourite participation sports. I deliberated including Walking, as it helped me loose a lot of weight a number of years ago, but I couldn't justify it as a sport. Remember to check out my partner's blog to see what her favourite participation sports are.

Next week is my partner's turn to pick the topic for our post, we'll have to wait and see what she's got planned. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below.

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