#Bolgmas2016 - Day 11

In today's post, I thought I'd tell you about the Christmas Day traditions that I grew up with...

Even though I would generally wake up earlier than normal, I wasn't allowed to disturb my parents before 07:30 so I'd stay in my room until then (I like to think it was a way of building excitement but I know it's because they valued a lie in). When I was finally allowed to leave my room, we'd all head down and I'd go into the front room to see if Santa had paid a visit to our house whilst my parents got drinks (tea/coffee/orange juice, nothing too strong at that hour!). Once we were all settled, we'd start to open gifts to one another. During this time, we would have our breakfast from a biscuit selection box. When our gifts had been exchanged we would spend the remaining time trying them out before lunch.

As I was entertained by new toys and my dad kept an eye on me, my mum would be preparing our Christmas lunch, turkey with all the trimmings followed by Christmas pudding and a mince pie or two. I can recall that one year a cold winter had prevented our turkey thawing and we had to wait until quite late to have lunch.
After lunch we would go to my grandparents to meet up with the extended family to exchange gifts and have a buffet tea. One regret from my childhood traditions would be I don't remember watching the Queens speech, whether this was because I was busy playing with toys and / or my cousins or we just didn't have it on I can't remember. Later on in the evening we would head home to catch some of the Christmas TV specials or watch a film before heading to bed.
That's how I remember my childhood Christmas Days, do they sound like yours? Let me know in the comments below. Tomorrow I'll be putting up a post about the last week, and unfortunately there have been a number of stories to tell.

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