#Blogmas2016 - Day 6 (A to Z of Christmas - Part 1)

šŸŽµBlogmas WrappingšŸŽµ

I've chosen to put out the next two blogs covering my A to Z of Christmas, picking up the idea from my partner, I've not read hers as I didn't want her picks to influence mine, so it'll be interesting to see what similarities we have on our posts.

A - Advent
From the 4th Sunday before Christmas up to 25th December is the period of advent, heralding the arrival of Jesus Christ. Activities associated with this period include advent calendars and lighting advent wreaths.

B - Blogmas
The period covering the first 25 days in December, where bloggers publish a blog a day, generally around the subject of Christmas.

C - Carols
I know a few Carols who celebrate Christmas. Only joking, what's Christmas without a good sing-a-long in church, rocking some of those great carols. Although there are a number that I can't stand!

D - Decorations
Christmas is a opportunity that most people take to put up decorations to brighten up the winter months, trees, tinsel, lights and wreaths are all commonplace. 

E - Eating
An important part of Christmas for me is enjoying good food with family and friends.

F - Family
To me Christmas is all about family. When I was growing up, my extended family would all meet up on Christmas Day to exchange gifts and celebrate Christmas together. 

G - Gifts
'Tis the season of exchanging gifts between friends and family.

H - Holidays
Time away from work, spent with loved ones. Unfortunately not everyone can take the time off work, can you imagine the pandemonium at supermarkets if they closed for more than one day!

I - Ice
Everyone associates Christmas with winter in the northern hemisphere, with winter comes plenty of ice.

J - Jesus Christ
The birth of whom is celebrated by christians at Christmas.

K - Kissing (Under The Mistloe)
Who hasn't had a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas!

L - Lights
A British tradition is to have a celebrity turn on a towns Christmas lights. The lights in Shrewsbury don't seem to have changed over the years (except one year recently they updated most of the town) and the person to do the switch is usually someone from the local panto (oh yes it is)

M - Mince Pies
A staple of Christmas in Britain and i trust the rest of the world. These sweet pies are very much to my taste and one of the foods i enjoy at Christmas time.

Tomorrow I'll cover the remaining half of the A to Z.

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