#Blogmas2016 - Day 5 / The Last Week (28/11/2016)

Monday - Shock, Horror! I didn't go to football! I caught my usual train back home, but a bus had broken down on an island on one of the three main routes into town, meaning my lift was stuck in the resulting traffic. I didn't get to my car (or football kit) until 19:00, when I was due to start playing, with a 20 minute drive to the sports centre. The upside to all this was I got to spend some lovely time with my son.

Tuesday - The day started with a department engagement event at work, which meant I was close to the town centre so I took a real lunch break and did a spot of Christmas shopping. In the afternoon I struggled to get going in the office, but the rest of the day passed off without hitch. When we all got home, my partner and I realised we had a very tired little boy. He wouldn't eat his dinner and only spent 5 minutes in the bath, then really struggled to get to sleep - taking about 2 hours - very much not like our little boy. This theme continued into the night, waking up sporadically, needing some attention and leaving his parents very tired.

Wednesday - A quite night in, catching up on various YouTube videos and even snuck in some gaming.

Thursday - I ended up working late, which meant I didn't get to spend much time with my little boy before he went to bed. After we had done his bedtime routine, we spent the evening gaming on Minecraft.

Friday - Unfortunately my partner wasn't very well, so I finished early to look after her and our son.  Her parents had offered to take our little boy for the night to allow us some chance to relax and feel a bit better.  My partner took full advantage of this by going to bed at 19:30 and not waking up until gone 08:00 the next morning.  I used this time to catch up on some episodes of 'Marvel's Jessica Jones', 'QI' and 'Fawlty Towers' whilst preparing my Friday night blog. 

Saturday - We took the opportunity to do some shopping for Christmas decorations and look at trees, we ended up getting my first artificial Christmas tree (bar a Tesco Value tree bought in the sales that we will never use).

The afternoon saw me go to see the Shrewsbury Town Vs Fleetwood in the second round of the FA Cup.  Despite Town hitting the woodwork twice (I thought another shot hit the post but the goalkeeper made a good save), we couldn't quite get a winning goal.  The biggest positive for me was the team looked more solid and didn't look like conceding with every opposition attack, but there still appears to be a bit of huff and puff upfront.

Sunday - What a busy day! We started out by heading to Telford to visit their European Market, but we arrived before it was in full swing so we popped in to the town centre for breakfast. We continued round to do some Christmas shopping before heading back out to the market. Before lunch we returned home where we had a bit of a film session, watching 'A Very Murray Christmas', 'Big Hero 6' and 'Minions'.  During the films, my partner put up our new Christmas tree, and she did a great job of it as always!

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