#Blogmas2016 - Day 23 / Five Favourite Friday... Christmas Cracker Jokes

For our final Five Favourite Friday of #Blogmas2016 and the second to last one of the year, I've chosen to go with Christmas Cracker Jokes. It's a known fact that Christmas cracker jokes are designed to be bad so that everyone will 'get' them and no-one will feel left out when they are read aloud. I had a quick scan of the internet for some of the best jokes (2016) and these are my favourite five.

1) What is the best Christmas present in the world? A broken drum, you just can't beat it!

2) How is my life a lot like the Christmas carol? Every night I try 3 different spirits, and wake up in the morning and have to apologise to everyone.

3) How do Santa's employees have to register their tax returns? Elf assessment.

4) Two snowmen were standing in a field. One said, "Can you smell carrots?"

5) What did Santa do when he went speed dating? He pulled a cracker

I've also selected a patriotic honourable mention this week as it did make me laugh:
Why did the three wise men only have frankincense and myrrh? Because Team GB took all the gold.

You can check out Nikki's favourite Christmas Cracker jokes here. Next week will be the final Five Favourite of 2016, and we've already agreed what the topic will be - Things That Happened In 2016. Amongst the bad things that have happened, there have been some fun events too, so we'll be focusing on them!

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