#Blogmas2016 - Day 19 \ The Last Week (12/12/2016)

Monday - Back to work, which was needed to get back into a routine. After leaving work, I made my way home to see my little boy but didn't get much time with him due to traffic, but it was pleasing to hear that he had been a good boy and that he seemed like his old self again. I headed out to five-a-side for the first time in three weeks a little bit late, but I was glad I made the effort as it was a good game. It took me a while to get my first goal, but after that I felt a bit happier and managed to grab a few more including one half volley that "Two 'keepers wouldn't have been able to save" according to another player!

Tuesday - After finishing work, I met up with my partner to collect our little boy from nursery. He ended up showing us a pop-up frog toy and bouncing around the room like a frog... if only he could get his feet off the floor when he jumps! A fairly uneventful evening followed up until I was putting our son to bed, when my partner came running up the stairs and asked for my phone. She ran back downstairs and I heard her talking to someone on the phone, all very intriguing. She came back up to tell me the dishwasher had water and bubbles coming out of it. Our son had fallen asleep by this point, so I went downstairs and met my Dad arriving (that's who she had called), sure enough bubbles were coming out of the dishwasher! We mopped them up and waited for the cycle to finish. More bubbles poured out. It transpired that my partner had put a small amount of washing up liquid in one of the items in the dishwasher to help shift some dirt, little did she know what would happen. When it felt finished we finally were able to open the door to see the aftermath!

As you can see there were thousands of bubbles, cue having fun trying to get rid of them - using bowls to shovel them down the sink, waving trays outside - our son would have loved it! Thankfully there don't appear to be any lasting problems.

Wednesday - A casual evening spent watching Dave Gorman on 'Modern Life Is Goodish' on catch-up. The fact that we really enjoy his presentation style, I annoyed that we haven't made an effort to watch them live each week.

Thursday - We spent the evening watching 'Arthur Christmas' and I frantically created a post for my blog reviewing the film - link to the review if your interested.

Friday - After our little man had gone to bed, we spent the evening challenging ourselves on various 'Name that..' YouTube videos, mainly songs, but also TV shows and movie themes. What a rock 'n' roll lifestyle we lead.

Saturday - A full on day, as our son's nursery we're holding a Christmas fair in the morning that we said we'd visit. They had plenty of activities to partake in for little ones, decorating cards & tree ornaments, lucky dip draws, raffles and a guess the name of the teddy. For the parents there were stalls selling cupcakes, jewellery, books and beauty products. We also got a picture with Santa, I hope our son doesn't look scared again this year!

When we left the fair we headed in to town to pick up a gift for someone, but we noticed that St Chad's church had their Christmas tree festival on so we had to drop in to have a look around. Despite our son being obsessed by trees at the moment, the festival failed to capture his imagination (probably because he hadn't had a nap).

In the afternoon I made my way to the Greenhous Meadow to see Shrewsbury take on Bristol Rovers. I wasn't expecting much from the game as I'd heard that Rover were 'play-off chasing', but an early error from their goalkeeper and a penalty midway through the second half gave us a deserved 2-0 victory. Paul Hurst seems to have got the players pulling in the right direction and look a lot harder to score against, while retaining a threat upfront. The efforts of the players are rewarding fans, who are in turn creating a bit of atmosphere at the stadium again.

In the evening, we chilled out catching up on QI and YouTube-ing Michael McIntyre's 'Send To All'.
Sunday - We started the day by getting on with our laundry whilst our son slept and we gamed. Shortly after our little boy woke from his nap and while we were watching Pixar short films, I got a call from my parents asking if we fancied going out for lunch at The Two Henrys. We couldn't say no to a meal out, the only bugbear was that service was quite slow, for a two course meal took three hours and our little boy got a bit restless. After the meal we went back to my parents and ended up watching 'Miracle On 34th Street' (1994), before a quiet night at home.

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