#Blogmas2016 - Day 12

Monday - A day off spent with my little boy and he was a dream to be with, happy and chatty all day long. During his morning nap, I was able to continue playing Terraria and beat a couple of bosses with a new character in a new world - we are trying to playing through using only one class (melee/magic/ranged). In the afternoon we spent time playing with Duplo, moving books around the room and watching music on TV. As I'd been off work, I hadn't seen an email sent out saying five-a-side had been cancelled, I only found out when I arrived at the sports hall. After our son had gone to bed, my partner and I were able to catch-up on some YouTube videos.

Tuesday - Whilst looking for something to watch on Netflix, my son spotted 'Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit' and shouted "Dog". Who am I to stop my son watching Wallace & Gromit! He was transfixed by the film for about twenty minutes until his mum got home. Again whilst he napped we played on Terraria and furthered our game, beating the Queen Bee, King Slime and Skeletron, next up will be the Wall Of Flesh! When my son woke up he was off to nursery and we set about tidying our bedroom as it had gotten in to a bit of a mess. Several hours later and it felt like we'd made progress, but there was still plenty to do. I was also able to get to our boiler to adjust the settings and we now have a much warmer house! Again the evening passed off without drama, watching YouTube and Jessica Jones before bed.

Wednesday - Back to work on Wednesday. I tried to be good by getting some bits in for tea, but I grabbed the wrong sauce for some noodles. When I was taking our son up stairs, I tripped and he caught his head on a step, cue lots of crying, daddy feeling terrible and mummy being superwoman trying to calm everyone down. Thankfully he was fine, and slept really well through the night.

Thursday - I woke up to some unexpected and very sad news, during the night my auntie had passed away. The rest of the day was a blur as I came to terms with the news, but what I can remember was going to meet up with the rest of the family to be part of the grieving process. She will be missed.

Friday - As I walked home on Thursday I noticed that our car had a completely flat tyre. After swapping to the spare, I spent most of Friday trying to find a company that were able to replace the tyre. After a short delay whilst the tyre was delivered, we got it replaced. I made use of the time spent at the garage by working on my Five Favourite Friday post for the blog, so it wasn't wasted time.

Saturday - A chilled out morning for me and my partner playing on Terraria whilst our little boy napped. In the afternoon we all went to see some friends in Wem where our children made some salt dough shapes as the parents chatted (and helped). Then off to see my partners parents before heading home with a very tired little boy. We caught up on QI and some subscriptions on YouTube before heading to bed.

Sunday - The events of the morning were overshadowed by those of the afternoon. Whilst doing some tidying up in the kitchen my partner caught the water pipe at the stop tap and water started spraying all over the kitchen! After about an hour of trying to call our home insurers and various plumbers, we finally spoke to someone who could come out and help us. Not what we had planned 2 weeks before Christmas, but we couldn't exactly not do anything! The evening saw us mopping up the excess water and getting them washed. Not that he's likely to see this, but our neighbour deserves a massive thank you as he stopped and tried to help us during the panic. Also, we were so grateful that our son was so well behaved during it all. We had plenty on our plate trying to deal with the incident, and he sat playing, watching the TV and having a snack - he'll never know how grateful we are that he's so well behaved.

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