#Blogmas2016 - Day 10

For today's blog, I thought I'd do a quick Christmas Q&A:
  1. What are your favourite things about Christmas? Spending time with family members and taking time out
  2. How much sleep do you average on Christmas Eve? It used to be a fair amount but I'd wake up earlier than normal at about 6:30, now I've got a young son I didn't not get much sleep as it is.
  3. Do you like flurries, blizzard, or no snow on Christmas? Blizzards, I'd rather be snowed in somewhere with loads of snow everywhere, than having small smatterings dotted about. I'd give anything for a Christmas like that!
  4. Real or Artificial tree? Real, every possible time. Due to circumstances we've gone with an artificial one this year and I fear there's no way back.
  5. What is your favourite ornament? This one
  6. Do you like giving or receiving presents more? Giving, I sometimes feel awkward opening gifts from other people so I'd rather give presents, even if I can struggle to get creative ideas!
  7. Star or Angel on top of your tree? Star, but I won't say either is right or wrong.
  8. When do you put up your decorations? I'd put them up a couple of weeks before Christmas but my partner gets impatient and wants to get them up at the start of December.
  9. When do you take them down? On the twelfth day like you're supposed to.
  10. When do you normally go Christmas shopping? Through December, although I do tend to pick bits up earlier in the year as I see them.
  11. When does the Christmas Season officially start for you? 1st December.
  12. What is better, the weeks leading up to Christmas, Eve, or Day? Christmas Day as all the stress (for me) dissipates because gifts are exchanged and there's no point worrying about things.
  13. Do you stay home on Christmas, or go out? In recent years, we been to my parents for breakfast and my partners parents for lunch before heading home.
  14. Have you ever had a miserable Christmas? No but I feel this year will be a bit muted.
  15. What is your Christmas meal? Turkey, plenty of vegetables and potatoes, with Christmas Pudding and mince pies to follow.

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