#Blogmas2016 - Day 3

🎵All I want for #Blogmas is a Dulka Prague Away Kit🎵

What does Christmas mean to me? Aside from the obvious events in the Christian calendar, to me Christmas is all about being with family & friends, sharing good times and giving gifts to those you are grateful that they are in your lives. I genuinely look forward to Christmas each and every year, as it presents an opportunity to take time away from the office and just enjoy spending time with family, whether it's catching up with the slightly more distant family (my extended family are spread across the UK and as far away as Australia) or snuggling in front of the TV to watch some cheesy Christmas films.

Also, Christmas to me is all about the big day and tucking into the traditional Christmas lunch. I've always taken it for granted but I always look forward to sitting round the table with family and enjoying a special meal.

Tomorrow, I'll cover off some of the things I don't like about Christmas, I need to get it off my chest then I can focus on some more positive things.

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