#Blogmas2016 - Day 2 / Five Favourite Friday... Christmas Songs

🎵It's Blooooogggggmaaasssss!!!🎵
Once again, it's Friday, which can only mean one thing - it's time for a Five Favourite Friday post. As we're doing #Blogmas, my partner has gone bold and chosen Christmas Songs!  As always, I'm putting my own spin on this and I'm only going to pick what I consider classic songs. On with my selections:
1) Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Michael Bublé
A Christmas song that builds excitement, of the arrival of a certain "big fat man, with the big white beard" into the artist locale.  This rendition brings a modern big band feel to the song, with Mr Bublé putting his own spin on the words (referenced above), so i'm guessing he's on the naughty list!

2) The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole
The definitive Christmas song, pulling on the heart string as we're given an idealistic portrayal of Christmas, what's not to like?

3) Sleigh Ride - Ronettes (1963)
An upbeat sing-a-long tune, that really gets me in the mood for Christmas.  I'm a bit of a sucker for buying Christmas presents if this song is playing in the shops. I guess there is a film that uses it in that scenario and it's now ingrained in me that I must but presents when I hear this song. 
4) Jingle Bells - Frank Sinatra
I love the song Jingle Bells, another that just screams Christmas and one that you have to join in with.
5) White Christmas - Bing Crosby
One of the nostalgic Christmas songs, not that I had much snow in Shropshire around Christmas growing up, but it's another classic that fits with how everyone pictures their perfect Christmas.
So what's the secret to a great Christmas song for me? Plenty of nostalgia, idealistic winter settings and lots of jingling bells!
With doing all the other posts this week, I have rushed this a bit to get it out on time.  What classic Christmas songs have I missed, let me know in the comments below.  Also, check out my partners post on her blog here to find out her favourite Christmas songs.

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