The Last Week (31/10/2016)

It's been a while since I have found time to do my weekly post on what I've been up to, as with most things in my life there are plenty of reasons (mainly down to poorliness in the household), but no excuses. I'll do better in the future.

Monday - This was the first night leaving the office after the clocks went back and it was the first time I had walked from my current office to the train station in the dark, so it was a bit of a shock a just how poorly lit the route is at that time of the year. After a quick turnaround seeing my son in good form, I enjoyed a really tight game of five-a-side. I got a goal and was generally happy with my performance, but with about 20 minutes to go I had a shot and ended up clattering one of the other players. I thought I had come off worst as my toes, ankle and knee became quite painful, but I later found out that his foot had started to swell in his boot - at least we could both walk away from it!

Tuesday - I could add my groin to the parts of me aching after football the previous night! And whilst I was aching from football, my partner was ill too so it wasn't a happy household in the morning.

I finished work a bit earlier than normal so I could pick up my little boy from nursery, I do enjoy seeing his face when he notices our faces when he gets picked. I was also pleased to see him reading the Jungle Book to himself, making monkey and lion noises when they appeared on the page. After that we had a quiet night in, catching up on some YouTube videos and watching episodes 9 & 10 of Luke Cage, still really enjoying it I just need to find time to watch the remaining two episodes of season 1.

Wednesday - Greeted by the unexpected sight of a tidied house on my return home. Whilst I had been at work, my partner had enlisted the assistance of her mum to tidy our house ahead of the long awaited installation of our dishwasher! After I overcame the shock, we had a nice evening in watching YouTube and playing Terraria, in which I managed to get an achievement I've been after for some time (Pet Hoarder). This achievement took some grinding to complete as I'd been missing pets from the Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon events, the last one I needed (the Baby Grinch) is only dropped by the Ice Queen, the final event boss.

Thursday - we had our dishwasher installed, much to my partners delight, a huge thank you to my parents for helping us source and install it!

Friday - Had a bit of a strange day, due to a problem at the office, we were asked to work from home, but with my son and partner around I found it difficult to concentrate so ended up doing a short day. It meant that we could go out to lunch and spend a bit of quality time together.

Saturday - in the afternoon I went to the Football to see Paul Hurst's first match at home. It happened to be the first round of the FA Cup against League 2's Barnet. I believe that this game may have been one to make our season, win and it'll start the rebuilding confidence in the players, loose and it'd be another blow to the players. Thankfully it was a much better performance than we'd been treated to previously, winning the game 3-0. It's not often I get chance to choose my favourite goal, but Jack Grimmer's strike was outstanding!

When we got back home we had a bit of an issue with the dishwasher, a leak had sprung from the piping. Fortunately my Dad was able to fix it once he'd worked out what the problem was - Thank you.

Sunday - An early viewing of Shaun The Sheep Movie was in order after my little boy found the Blu-ray in our movie collection. My partner prepared a lovely roast pork dinner, even if it took my son a long time to realise it wasn't disgusting. We spent the afternoon baking some cookies and bread, the first time that the three of us had baked together. Whilst the bread was proving, we started to tackle the challenge of tidying our bedroom and sorting our clothes out. If that wasn't challenging enough, we had to content with an 18 month old terrorising us whilst we worked. The evening brought some valuable quiet time, allowing me and my partner some time to catch-up on 3 episodes of QI before bed.

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