The Last Week (21/11/2016)

Monday - The usual mad rush to get home, see my son and get back out to five-a-side ensued even though I had considered giving it a miss. I'm glad that I went as everyone enjoyed themselves and got amongst the goals.

Tuesday - A quiet evening in, spent watching YouTube and TV, with some time of Minecraft for good measure.

Wednesday - Another non-event evening as a result of working later than anticipated, meaning I only really had opportunity to have my dinner and watch some YouTube after putting my little boy to bed.

Thursday - An early morning in the office to make sure some work was completed in time for a meeting, but time flew by and it was soon home time. I got another chance to pick up my little boy from nursery, I was fun sneaking up on him whilst he sat cross legged on the floor and waiting for him to turn round. There was some excitement at home later on as a glass mug shattered in the dishwasher, que spending time on hand and knee sorting through water to find shards of glass. Either side of this incident, we watched the two latest episodes of 'Russell Howard & Mum US Road Trip'.

Friday - A bit of personal excitement at work as the project I was managing delivered the first piece of work. Having worked late into the evening a couple of times during the week, I afforded myself an early finish to spend some quality time with my little boy.

Saturday - We had a quiet morning in but the afternoon didn't proceed as expected, as i missed my first home match at Greenhous Meadow in 8 years. This was because my little boy was sick just as we were due to leave the house. We decided to take him to an urgent care centre as he had been poorly for a couple of days. 5 hours later we were finally able to leave with some xxx prescribed.

Sunday - Again so many plans for Sunday as it was our anniversary (Happy anniversary!), we had planned to go to The Good Food show, but with our son being poorly, we didn't want to take him somewhere that we wouldn't be able to look after him properly. Instead, we popped to my partners parents to watch the Arsenal vs Bournemouth match, in which the Gunners won 3-1. After the match, we returned home to do the household chores and look after our little man.

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