The Last Week (14/11/2016)

Monday - Not the nights sleep I'd hoped for, my little boy started to struggle with a nasty cold and possibly some teething, which left me and my partner very deprived of sleep (I even considered missing five-a-side). I finished a bit earlier to allow myself some recuperation time and to spend some more time with my poorly little boy before heading back out to football. Again, I was happy with how I played defensively, even doing well in goal. I think I got a couple of goals as well, so all round a good run about.

Tuesday - Another bad nigh for my son, but as we we're more prepared for it, it didn't seem so bad. However having an ill child curtails what I/we can do, so we all ended up having an early night. The highlight of the night however was my son propping himself up on all fours whilst asleep and mumbling "Iggle" (Iggle Piggle from 'In The Night Garden') to himself, either hoping he'd save him in a dream or it was a terrible nightmare.

Wednesday - My son was seen by a doctor who prescribed some medicine to try to help him through the day. It appeared to do the trick as he seemed more like himself, even if he was a bit subdued than normal.

Thursday - A frustrating morning, that started with me dropping a shirt in a puddle and getting progressively more annoyed. The afternoon didn't follow the disappointing start to the day and it was a welcome relief to see my little boy happier than he had been, being active and playing with his toys. Unfortunately he took a bit of time to settle when going to bed, but it did give me a chance to start watching 'Jessica Jones' before going to sleep.

Friday - started particularly early as I woke up at 05:20, disappointingly I didn't have any reason to be awake, so I caught up on another episode of 'Jessica Jones'.

Another evening of looking after my little boy, nursing him better with my partner. Then when he'd gone to bed, we caught up on some TV and carried on the adventure of Fable 3.

Saturday - The usual weekend morning, consisting of waking up at 06:30, then watching CBeebies until my son goes for his nap. However as he was wide awake so early, we thought he'd want a nap a bit earlier, with hindsight this was wrong. Instead of going to sleep at 9 as we expected, he didn't drift off until 11 - they were a tough couple of hours! When he awoke, we went to my partners parents to (try and) watch the Arsenal vs Manchester United football match. We didn't get to see much of the game as we had to rouse our son and grab some lunch, so we only caught the last 20 minutes from just after United scored. Arsenal managed to scrape a draw with a late goal, their only shot on target. A leisurely afternoon followed culminating with going home and playing on Minecraft for the first time in forever.

Sunday - A last minute decision saw me going to Birmingham to their Christmas Market, sort of tagging along with my partner who was meeting up with some blogger buddies. Although it was fun going round the market, the morning really didn't go as planned. My partner forgot her purse, a fool stopped me from getting a McDonalds breakfast as they were blocking a self serve till until 10:30 so they could order a meal, their actions resulted in me traipsing round Birmingham to find somewhere to have some breakfast until gone 11:00 - this was a harder task than it sounds. I tried, McDonalds, Burger King, Nando's, Pizza Hut, Homemade Burger Co, Wagamama and Jamie's Italian before ending up at Ed's Easy Diner, where I thought I'd be able to get some breakfast. However much to my dismay, they had stopped serving breakfast when I sat down so I ended up ordering a pulled pork brioche bun - very nice but not what I really wanted. The upside was they do refillable soft drinks, so I got my money's worth!

I'll be doing a separate post about my experience of the Christmas Market, but I would say that it was good fun and you should pop along to see it for your self.

When we got home we spent some time reading books and playing silly games with our little boy until his bedtime.

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