The Last Week (07/11/2016)

It took a bit of effort to get this prepared and published, but here we go...

Monday - I had hoped to finish a bit earlier than usual, but things conspired against me meaning that I left the office at my usual time. It was great to see my little boy so happy toddling around the dining table shouting 'Hiya' to everyone and asking for cuddles, having to leave that each Monday is a chore. After tearing myself away from my son, I went to football and really enjoyed the game, I managed to get some good goals, some silly ones and some lucky ones. The only downside was that I couldn't save a shoot when I was in goal, no idea if either team won, but I think we all enjoyed the run around!

Tuesday - It was good to get home after a busy day at work, it was even better that my little boy was so well behaved, eating all his dinner and then some! Once he had gone to bed, my partner and I caught up on 3 episodes of Russell Howard & Mum USA Road Trip. I had a quick play on Terraria as the night wore on to test out some modifications I'd made to an AFK farm for the Pumpkin Moon. The farm had been working quite well, but the changes took me through all 15 waves and brought with it plenty of loot.

Wednesday - A quiet night in watching YouTube and TV whilst eating a takeaway pizza, actually that's a good night in!

Thursday - Invited to my parents for dinner and got to witness my son (I can't call him a little boy after these events!) demolish a mountain of food, Spaghetti Bolognese, sausage and mash, yogurts, he must be getting ready for hibernation! After dinner, we spent about an hour running about, shouting and having a lovey time playing together as a family. Definitely the best bit about being a parent.

Friday - Again invited to my parents for dinner, I'm guessing they felt deprived of seeing their grandson. When we got back home, I started on my Five Favourite Friday blog post, which got me reminiscing about some of the games I used to play.

Saturday - A quiet morning in watching CBeebies for my son until his nap. Whilst he slept, I played on Fable 3, as we had found out that it's now available through backwards compatibility on Xbox One. My partner completed the tutorial section for me as they generally wind me up, especially as I've played it a lot previously. In the afternoon I went to the Greenhous Meadow for Paul Hurst's first league game at home, against Oxford United. It was great that the team continued their recent good form, winning 2-0, with AJ Leitch-Smith scoring one of the most comical goals I've ever seen, following up a rebounded shot.

Sunday - Consisted of going to my partners parents for lunch followed by watching some football and then the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix. Although the race took along time to complete with all the stoppages, the fans were treated to a fantastic race pushing the drivers to their limits, it was just a shame that there was very little footage of Lewis Hamilton cruising through the race to victory. Kudos to Max Verstappen for cutting through the field after a tactical error by his team.

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