Free App of the Week (Apple) - Artie's Magic Pencil

Apple are offering Artie's Magic Pencil by Minilab as their Free App of the week. Designed as a creative app for under 5s, you guide (I assume) Artie through a 2D world helping the citizens to reconstruct items from flowers to buildings through drawing shapes.

I played through the game for about 20 minutes to see what it was all about, and in that time I managed to get to the end. I know (now) that this is an educational app, but it doesn't feel like I beat the game. At the end, I was left thinking 'is that it'.  Whether young children would get enjoyment out of the app remains to be seen.

Would I play through it again, probably not but then it's not designed for adults, would I let my 18 month play it, again he can try but I expect he would lack the dexterity to complete any of the sections. Perhaps, in the future, he may want to have a go on the app and I wouldn't stop him from doing so as I'm sure he would enjoy it. One side note, it has inspired me to have a go at creating pictures from geometric shapes, so it could be considered time well spent!

'Artie's Magic Pencil' by Minilab - 3/5

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