Five Favourite Friday... Hyper Cars

It's my turn to pick the subject for our Five Favourite Friday post and I've gone for Hyper Cars! I grew up in the time of supercars, such as the McLaren F1, Lamborghini's Countach and Diablo, but there has definitely been a jump recently in both appearance and spec.  I'm not a full on petrolhead, but I know the cars I like, so with that on with my choices:

1) McLaren P1 - The latest incarnation of McLarens top-end production car, following on from the F1, maintaining the beauty and all the best bits, but brought into the 21st century.

2) Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse - Powerful? Check. Fast? Check. Iconic? Definitely!  I'm sure this will be the standard that the next level of car is measured against.

3) Aston Martin Vulcan - Another beautiful car, one that i'd love to take for a spin!
4) Koenigsegg One:1 - This Koenigsegg looks like the stuff of dreams and would be a super fun car to take out on a track.
5) Lamborghini Centenario - Saving the best 'til last? quite possibly! I'm sure Lamborghini employ teenagers and let them go wild with their designs.  A car of passion and beauty.
Have I missed a hyper car that you think I should have included, let me know in the comments below and check out my partners post here for her thoughts.

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