Shrewsbury Town - Greatest XI

Shrewsbury Town are currently running polls to find out who fans would include in their greatest eleven, allowing the In The Community team to create a mural on the South Stand of the New Meadow (full details can be found here).

The club have limited the nominations to those players that have appeared more than 100 first team appearances, which mean some of my favourite players miss out, players like Grant Holt, Marc Tierney and David Hughes that I would have included don't make it on to the list.

As always I can only base anything like this on what I've witnessed, which mean that club legends won't be included. Arthur Rowley, Alf Wood, Graham Turner, Peter Dolby and Chic Bates would probably find their way in to the team but I've only got the 20 or so years that I've been supporting Shrewsbury to draw on in picking my team.

For some of the positions it was quite difficult to pick players from the list, but this would be my Greatest Shrewsbury XI:

  1. Paul Edwards (GK) 312 apps 1992–2001
  2. Darren Moss (RB) 195 apps 2001-5 & 2007-9
  3. Tommy Lynch (LB) 234 apps 1990-6
  4. Peter Wilding (CM) 171 apps 1997-2003
  5. Dave Walton (CD) 166 apps 1993-7 & 2004-5
  6. Kelvin Langmead (CD) 234 apps 2004-10
  7. Mickey Brown (RM) 418 apps 1986-91, 1992-4 & 1996-2001
  8. David Edwards (CM) 119 apps 2003-7
  9. Luke Rodgers (CF) 191 apps 1999-2005 & 2012-3
  10. Nigel Jemson (ST) 109 apps 2000-3
  11. Sam Aiston (LM) 177 apps 2000-2005

Since typing out my selection, the polls have closed and the players that supporters have chosen for the graffiti mural are:

1 (GK) Bob Wardle (23.9%)
2 (RB) Jake King (47.95%)
5 (CB) Nigel Pearson (40.15%)
6 (CB) Ross MacLaren (47.9%)
3 (LB) Tommy Lynch (54%)
7 (RM) Mickey Brown (45.45%)
4 (CM) Graham Turner (68.42%)
8 (CM) Ian Atkins (53.1%)
11 (LM) Paul Maguire (52.81%)
9 (ST) Alf Wood (56.48%)
10 (ST) Arthur Rowley (73.56%)

Looking at the percentages that most players got, it was quite conclusive about the supporter sections, only Bob Wardle got below 25%, but then again we have been blessed with some great Goalkeepers.  I'm fairly impressed that two players that I chose ended up in the final team, given the limitations I imposed upon myself.

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