Pokemon Go - Days 4 & 5

Over the past couple of days I've managed to catch some of my favourite Pokémon, including Squirtle, Ekans, Rhyhorn and Porygon. I even remembered to give myself a Buddy, I chose to have a Gastly floating round with me (a bit creepy really) but I may change it to one of the new Pokémon I've caught. And some how I've managed to get to Level 8 in only 5 days, I'll definitely make it to level 9 on day 6!

I've started to transfer some of the excess Pokémon to the Professor, so over the next couple of days I'll look to evolve some of the ones I've already caught
1 x Squirtle (cp130)
3 x Caterpie (cp55)
6 x Weedle (cp77)
1 x Kakuna (cp100)
4 x Pidgey (cp126)
4 x Rattata (cp106)
1 x Ekans (cp144)
1 x Nidoran (female) (cp169)
1 x Jigglypuff (cp85)
1 x Zubat (cp80)
2 x Paras (cp128)
4 x Venonat (cp119)
1 x Poliwag (cp148)
1 x Bellsprout (cp108)
3 x Seel (cp153)
1 x Shellder (cp95)
1 x Gastly (cp144)
5 x Drowzee (cp212)
2 x Krabby (cp111)
1 x Rhyhorn (cp16)
2 x Horsea (cp112)
1 x Seadra (cp192)
1 x Goldeen (cp121)
1 x Magikarp (cp40) (hatched)
1 x Eevee (cp13)
1 x Porygon (cp71) (hatched)
My rucksack:
82 Potions
42 Revives
4 Incense
164 Pokéballs
1 Lure Module
12 Razz Berry
1 Egg Incubator
Level 8 (7390/8000 Xp)
12484 Stardust

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