Pokemon Go - Day 1

I was hoping to have a more productive first day as I embarked on this series, however a combination of things, mainly the torrential rain that hit Shropshire, meant i was unable to get out and catch many Pokemon. I managed to catch a few Pokemon when I did get out, I caught Rattatas, a gastly, pidgey and Beedrill. I got up to level 3 which, when coupled with a few Poke-stops on my route, meant I replaced the poke balls that I used.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!

My haul:
  • 3 x Rattata (cp10, 10 & 21)
  • 1 x Gastly (cp31)
  • 1 x Pidgey (cp28)
  • 1 x Beedrill (cp53)
My rucksack:
  • 2 Incense
  • 74 Pokéballs
Level 3 (470/3000 Xp)
700 Stardust

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