Pokemon Go - Day 0

I have been thinking about doing a series Pokémon Go series of posts for a while now, and I was hoping that I could start it on a new phone, but due to distribution issues with the iPhone 7 I've not got my hands on one yet.  This means I have taken a different approach to these posts, I'm going to spend the next month trying to catch and evolve as many different Pokémon as I can.

To catch 'em all - try and obtain one of each Pokémon within a 1 month window, after that I'll blog periodically to show any interesting Pokémon that I've caught.

  • Only hold one of each Pokémon plus one for each possible evolution. All other Pokémon caught will be sent to the professor.
  • Don't spend stardust until the last evolution has been obtained.
  • No purchasing Poké-coins, so I can't get an advantage by buying extra resources (incubators, incense, Poké Balls, etc).

For this account, I'll try to capture Pokémon Gyms when I can, but I'm not going to go out of my way to capture a large number of them.  Recently I've noticed that my local Gyms have had some seriously high-powered Pokémon on them, meaning they'll likely be unobtainable to begin with.

I'll be upfront and say that I have got an existing account that I've used since Pokémon Go was released in the UK so I hope to use the experience I've gained playing on that to make sure I get the most from this new account.

My new profile and avatar have been created and I've chosen to start with a Charmander (cp12). So I'm now off out to try to capture some Pokémon!


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