Five Favourite Friday... Emojis

I've Firstly, an apology for not getting this post out on time - sorry - nothing really blocked me from typing one up, but an impromptu family meal meant I wasn't able to prepare something to be released on time.

My partner has chosen Emojis as the topics for this week's post, I've taken this to be my favourite images that appear on the emoji keyboard. It'll be interesting to see if some of these don't appear as I'm expecting them to! On with my favourite Emojis:

1) 👾 - The little space raider / Alien Monster is a one that I'd love to use more often, but very rarely do I have a need for this kind of image. Perhaps I'll need to ask more people if they want to play Space Invaders!

2) 🙈🙉🙊- The Three Wise Monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) are an easy way to convey disbelief at comments, pictures, etc.

3) 🎮 - The Video Game controller is an emoji that I regularly use when I'm asking friends if they are going to be online to join in on games.

4) 🤓 - I love the Nerd Face smiley, this tends to be reserved for messages to my partner when I've been a bit geeky or I'm asking to do something that she may not want to do.

5) 😂 - Who doesn't love the Face With Tears of Joy emoji! I like to think I'm generally a happy person, so I get plenty of opportunities to use this one.

I've given an honourable mention to the Pile Of Poo emoji, sometimes you just just need to 💩!

Be sure to check out my partners favourite emojis on her blog.  Next week, I'll be selecting the topic, so feel free to share any ideas for subjects in the comments below.

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