Celebrating A Spooky Halloween

A day early i know, but yesterday we celebrated Halloween with a party at some friends. The children were running about making lots of noise and having plenty of fun, my little boy was enjoying himself joining in when he wanted and then taking himself off to play when he felt like it.

Whilst the children tucked into their party food, the adults tucked into some tasty pork baps, I was really proud that my little man ate all of his (and kept coming back for more snacks!). After some scrummy chocolate cupcakes, the children and some of the adults played Halloween themed party games, bobbing for apples followed by trying to get a jelly baby from some icing sugar and trying to eat a mini doughnut from a piece of string without using your hands.  I tried my hand at loo roll bowling, where players roll a ball at 6 toilet rolls stacked in a pyramid. Turns out it's much more difficult than I thought!

I'll admit to not being a huge fan of trick or treating, I think fun parties like this are perfect for Halloween.  However you chose to celebrate Halloween, I hope you have fun!

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