The Last Week (29/08/2016)

The last week was a break from the norm, being that I had a couple of days away from the office and got to spend plenty of time with my son.

Monday - A bank holiday in Britain meant that I had the day off work and got to spend plenty of time with my little boy. We had some friends round for the day and in the afternoon the Dads took the children to a local play park. It was nice to see my son toddling round the park.

Tuesday - My partner was taken to Harry Potter Studios by her sister for the day, so I got to spend another day with my little boy. Lots of playing with toys was the order of the day. In the evening, I attended the EFL Trophy match against Cambridge United. A low turnout due to some unpopular changes to the format, gave the match a preseason vibe and I'm sure this rubbed off on the players, losing (for the third time in the space of a week) 0-1.
Wednesday - Back to work after an extended weekend. As my Mum is off to Australia to see the latest additon to our extended family for two weeks, we went out for a meal in the evening.
Thursday - A quiet night in, preparing some blog posts.
Friday - Another quiet night in, gaming on Terraria and started playing 'Ark: Survival Evolved'.
Saturday - Started off by watching 'Guardians of the Galaxy', followed by a bit of a chill out day. Played a bit more Ark and spent some time in my Minecraft creative world building a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
Sunday - Spent the morning playing Ark whilst my son was napping, then round to my partners parents for traditional Sunday lunch (beef if you're interested). We went for a walk in the afternoon along the river to feed the ducks and then on to the town centre playground. My son had a great time and spent about an hour playing on the slide. Somehow I managed to catch some of the Italian Grand Prix and the England Vs Slovakia World Cup qualifier match. Busy, busy, busy!

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