The last week (19/09/2016)


This week went so quickly again, but it was nice to get out at the weekend, even it wasn't to where we planned.
Monday - A delayed return home meant I should have spent less time with my little boy, however he was fast asleep when I got back. Whilst I was chatting with my partner, he woke up in tears due to his teething. My partner when to get him some Calpol, which had a dual effect on my evening. I got to spend an extra 10 minutes with my son which was great but it meant I was very late leaving for five-a-side.
On a more positive note, I felt a lot better playing five-a-side than I have done for the past couple of weeks. I only got one goal, but I was much happier with the rest of my play. I even got praised for a couple of other players so I must have been doing something right!
Thankfully, my son was more like himself when I got back and even got a decent nights sleep, all things being considered.
Tuesday - Back to train commuting for the first time in over a fortnight was a bit of a shock to the system. In the evening, we had dinner with my parents to spend some time with my mum following her return to Britain from Australia, she had gone there to meet her great niece, born earlier this year.
On the downside, my little boy continued to suffer with his teething, waking up sporadically through the night.
Wednesday - I didn't sleep well, which I've attributed to my son waking regularly during the night coupled with a bit of anxiety for a meeting at work (which I needn't have worried about in the end). In the evening we spent time watching YouTube and a bit of gaming on Terraria.
Thursday - Relatively quiet evening at home catching up on the Great British Bake Off, not much to report after that in truth.
Friday - A quiet night in playing with my little boy until his bedtime and then spent some time relaxing with my partner.
Saturday - After my little boys morning nap, we went to the National Trust location, Carding Mill Valley, just outside Church Stratton, to let my little boy try out his new wellington's in the stream. We grabbed some lunch whilst we were there, before plenty of splashing about as my partner paddled with my son.  In the evening I managed to catch most of the Arsenal-Chelsea match, with Arsenal running out to a convincing 3-0 victory.
Sunday - We planned to take a walk around Haughmond Hill, just outside Shrewsbury but it was busy. Instead we tried another National Trust property, Attingham Park, as we arrived it started to rain so we decided to try somewhere else. We finally ended up going around Telford town centre, not exactly what we had planned but at least we were dry.

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