The Last week (05/09/2016)

The past week has felt fairly uneventful but it was nice to have a fairly peaceful weekend when we got there.

Monday - First thing in the morning, I struggled to locate my football kit before going for work, which meant I was late leaving the house. When I got to work, I realised I'd left my laptop at home so had to go back to pick it up, only for it to become apparent that it had been left on all weekend and the battery was flat. Not the best start to the week!

A whirlwind visit home to pick up my football kit and spend a few minutes with my son, before heading to play 5-a-side. For some reason I didn't play particularly well, no goals scored and I conceded quite a few when I was in goal summed up my day! I'm blaming it on the long walk to the park on the previous day.

Tuesday - A funny moment as I woke up, I couldn't remember what day it was so I asked myself questions (is it the weekend? Did I go to work yesterday? Do my legs hurt because I played football last night?) until I realised it was Tuesday.

A fairly uneventful day followed, culminating in a quiet evening in playing with my son by pretending to be asleep and then waking up suddenly, then some gaming on Minecraft when he had gone to bed.

Wednesday - Spent the evening watching the Apple Keynote Speech revealing the iPhone 7/7 Plus and preparing a blog post. You can read the post here.

Thursday - my partner explained to me what our Five Favourite Friday post would be about, so a night of scouring the Internet for inspiration for me, followed by some preparatory work on the blog post.

Unfortunately my little boy didn't have a great night sleep, which invariably led to mum and dad also having a bad night.

Friday - I spent lots of time playing with my son with his mother & his grandfather in the evening and then we all had fish & chips.

Saturday - Lots of play time with my little boy, some time on Minecraft whilst he napped, then we all sat down to watch the CBeebies Prom. In the evening we watched The Jungle Book (2016 film), it even grabbed my little boys attention. I thought it was a good film, the CGI was amazing, but I didn't feel like some of the voice actors fitted their roles and they could have brought something more to the film - Idris Elba sounded a bit cockney as Shere Khan and Scarlett Johansson just seemed to be shoehorned in to the film. (7/10).

Sunday - We visited my partners parents on Saturday, when we normally go round on a Sunday, so today felt like a bonus day for the weekend. A bit of shopping in the morning and then round to see some friends in the afternoon. After that we popped to a local recreational park for our son to have a go on the swings and slide, but some annoying children were being loud and swearing (children should be seen and not heard I'm told!) so we didn't stay too long. The evening was a mad dash to ensure we had the appropriate clothes for the week ahead.

Next week I've got a trip to Newcastle with work which should be interesting and Shrewsbury Town play Scunthorpe United on Saturday. When I get back from Newcastle, I'm hoping the initial surge for iOS 10 downloads will have subsided a bit and I'll be able to update my phone to a new operating system. Other than that not much else planned so we'll see what the rest of the week brings.

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