iPhone 7/7 Plus Announcement

Yesterday (7/9) Apple announced the latest models of their iPhones, 7 and 7 Plus, alongside iOS 10.

I've used iPhones pretty much exclusively since my iPhone 3G, progressing through the 4, 5 and, my current phone, the 6 Plus. Every two years in early September I get a bit excited to see what my new iPhone is likely to be. I'm usually a little bit disappointed, thinking that more could have been done, but I've found in recent years there are features I like that aren't mentioned in the keynote speech. As is the norm, once you've put to one side all the spin and gloss place on the announcement, there wasn't much to get too excited about, but Apple kept telling their audience that this is the best ever iPhone (if your latest model isn't the best ever then why are you releasing it 🤔).

Probably the features I keep a keen eye on most is what's happening to the inbuilt camera. A larger aperture, some optical zoom, an improved flash and better low light shots all sound like the sort of improvements I would be looking for and the depth effect on the iPhone 7 Plus are really intriguing, I hope it works as well for consumers as it appears in the promotional material.

It's a shame that Apple have done away with the 3.5 audio jack in the new phones, I'm not sure that I trust wireless headphone connections just yet, but I'm willing to be converted. I just hope that the earphones shipped with the phones are comfortable

Although the the AirPods look sleek and futuristic, I don't think I'll be picking a pair up straight away. Again, I'm happy to be convinced otherwise, but knowing me I'd end up losing one of them!

On a positive note the fact the iPhone 7/7 Plus has been made dust and water resistant is a bonus, if nothing else being caught in a heavy downpour won't result in me being concerned if my phone gets a bit damp.

If things go to plan, I think I'm going to get myself an iPhone 7 Plus, 128gb in Jet Black. I didn't see much on the standard iPhone 7 to persuade me to go for one, but the 7 Plus... Being an photography enthusiast, if the camera meets my expectations I will be a very happy Apple aficionado.

I'll cover off iOS 10 when I get my hands on it, but what are your thoughts on yesterday's announcements?

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