The last week (22/08/2016)

I'm going to take some time each week to look back at the things I've done and what's upcoming in the following week. You will start to notice the patterns that my life falls into.

Monday - I played five-a-side, thanks to a couple of bad nights sleep I didn't feel I played that well, but still scored a couple of goals and managed a couple of good saves when in goal.
Tuesday - A quiet night in with my partner playing on Minecraft once our son had gone to bed.
Wednesday - I managed to get to a Shrewsbury Town away game. We played Sunderland in the League Cup at the Stadium of Light, a new stadium for me.

I felt quite emotional as my uncle who passed away earlier in the year was born in Sunderland before he moved to Shropshire, so it was fitting that I was able to get to the game. Driving north reminded me of the Shrewsbury games that he used to drive us to, memorable trips to Torquay, Exeter and Cheltenham all came to the fore. Although we lost to a late goal, I thought we gave a good account of ourselves and the fans backed the team through out. At least we can concentrate on the league!

Thursday - after travelling to Sunderland and back, I was really tired, but picking up my son from nursery gave me a bit more energy as he was so happy to see us picking him up. He had spent the afternoon in the toddler group, he's growing up so fast!
Friday - an early finish from work allowed me to spoil my son by getting him a pop-up tent and take him to a toy store and local park. He was so happy toddling about at both the store and park, but he really didn't want to leave when the time came.

Saturday - Another football match for me this time at home against Gillingham. Somehow, Town managed to lose a game that they looked to be in complete control of 2-3.

Sunday - An extended family day out at the seaside (Colwyn Bay) having a picnic on the promenade and a short walk on the beach. Although the weather wasn't the best, it stayed dry and we had sporadic bouts of sunshine.
So that's a brief overview of last week, I hope everyone had a good week too.  Next week we've got a Bank Holiday on Monday and my partner is going to Harry Potter Sudios on Tuesday, so I'll get to spend plenty of time with my little boy. There's another football match, this time in the EFL Trophy against Cambridge United, but other than that not much else planned, we'll see what the week brings us.

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